Rates & what to expect

The Alexander Technique is most effectively taught on a one-on-one basis, though Christel does provide introductory workshops in Guelph and region. The first lesson is just over an hour in length; subsequent lessons are 45 minutes.

Often people want to know how many lessons they should take. Christel recommends starting with one. If you feel intrigued enough to keep going, see if you benefit and decide from there. Most clients start feeling better after five lessons. Some take one lesson and swear by it; others take lessons for years, as it helps them maintain their well-being.


First lesson (1.5 hours): $120
Subsequent lessons (45 minutes): $100
10 lessons: $900
Group introductory workshop – no more then five students (1.5 hours): $30 each
Ask about student discount.

ZPoint session (1 hour): $60