About Christel

Christel Herick graduated from the Toronto School of Alexander Technique in 2001. She has been working ever since as a teacher at 123 Woolwich Street in downtown Guelph.

Christel worked as a geriatric nurse in Germany before emigrating to Canada in 1993. Here, she become a potter for a few years. But having developed back problems due to years of nursing, she ran into the same problems again. The only thing that seemed to help was the Alexander Technique. Convinced of its efficacy, she started the three-year program in 1998.

She is also trained in Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, and is a recently certified ZPoint practitioner.

She lives in downtown Guelph with her husband, son and dog.

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    To make an appointment, please send Christel an email
    at christel@forwardandup.ca or call her at 519.823.3541.

    123 Woolwich Street
    (near Eramosa)
    First Floor
    Parking at back, spots 7 or 8,
    or on the street
    Downtown Guelph, Ontario
    N1H 3V1

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  • Christel Herick is a certified teacher
    of the Alexander Technique.