What it is

Developed by Friedrich Matthias Alexander at the beginning of the 20th century, the Alexander Technique is a precise system of movements and mindfulness that reeducates your body to move as it was meant to.

The teacher physically guides you through movements, eliminating holding patterns, giving you the experience of what it means to move more freely and efficiently. As a result, your self-awareness increases. This helps you challenge old habits that may lead to muscle tension and pain.

How the Alexander Technique was developed

Friedrich Matthias Alexander (1869–1955) was an Australian reciter and actor who developed a hoarseness and sore throat while in his prime. It became so bad that it hindered his performance. Since conventional medicine bought only short-term improvements, he decided to try to overcome the problem himself.

Through long, patient observation with the help of mirrors, he recognized that the relationship between the head, neck and back influences the co-ordination of the body. He called this relationship the Primary Control. After he had changed his habitual movements according to his newly discovered principles, his vocal problems disappeared and his general well-being improved.

He brought his discovery to England, where he practised well into his 80s and where his technique now has far wider recognition than in North America, especially in the performing arts.